Life Skills

The exponential changes outside have made it more important to look within and strengthen the inside to ably deal with any challenge. These dynamic changes reiterate that education has to be comprehensive i.e. combining textual knowledge with soft skills, specific skills and life skills. We firmly believe that 'values are caught not taught ' hence we focus on building an enabling environment and creating a positive school climate that facilitates the learning process of our learners with the aim to nurture 'Future FIT' citizens.

We are proud of our efforts to garnish each realm of learning in school with the life skills component. Be it our classrooms, academics, activities, enrichment, assemblies, or celebrations, our lifeskills embedded curriculum helps our learners to integrate the life lessons and be future-ready. Designed to equip our learners with the 'essential skills' or the 'must-have' skills for life, it forms the backbone of crucial learning delivered to our learners through weekly classes, workshops, Lifeskills enrichment, annual fest, clubs, peer moderator programs etc. Besides regular classes, workshops and activities for Lifeskills, the aim is to integrate these essential skills in all the learning that happens in school, in classroom, in the sports field, activities, during assemblies and functions rather than being taught as a subject.

Peer Moderator Program

Stanford University defines peer learning as ‘students learning ,‘students learning from and with each other in both formal and informal ways'. With the vision of New Education Policy 2020, the role of students as stakeholders in modern education has gained prominence. The Peer Moderator Program encouraged and spearheaded by CBSE has given an impetus to this movement across schools. Mount Olympians have stepped into becoming positive influencers to their peers in association with ‘Expressions India’ and the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Science, Fortis Healthcare Peer Moderator Programs. It is a unique platform for students to learn application-based life skills. Participants of the workshop are trained to become peer trainers for classmates and junior students.