About Mount Olympus Juniors

An experiential learning school with a conducive and happy learning environment, where child is at the center of learning. We believe in providing ample opportunities to our students with the main focus on developing 21st century and futuristic skills. At Mount Olympus Juniors we celebrate the talent of each child and believe that each and every child is special. The mentoring and guidance from the educators and facilitators helps in fostering and igniting the love for learning in our little ones and grooming them into lifelong learners and Global citizens.

At Mt Olympus Juniors we believe in providing children with a multitude of opportunities
and platforms for learning varied skills which prepares them for a better tomorrow.

Lush green campus

Classrooms & learning centers

Reading room / Library

Discovery Center (Models)


First aid and Medical infirmary

Innovation & Exploration Center (Art & Craft Pic )

Math Lab

Open Spaces/ Playground

Performing Arts and Expression Zones