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Performing Arts and Expression Zones

Developing and fostering 21st century skills in children is quintessential and our Performing Arts and Expression zones are designed to achieve this objective. While Music and Dance help improve their imagination, creativity and expressions, Theater and Drama help to improve their communication, articulation and presentation skills.
At Mt Olympus Juniors we believe in providing children with a multitude of opportunities and platforms for learning varied skills which prepares them for a better tomorrow.

The Play zone has been earmarked to provide a safe and all-inclusive recreational environment to the kids. This helps in developing their gross motor skills as also provide them with adequate opportunities to interact with their peers and have a delightful time. Multiple activities have been catered for to keep kids enthused and provide them with diverse set of opportunities

Ball Play Corner

The Ball Play Corner has been innovatively designed to provide a safe, engaging and stimulating area for the Kindergarten students. Equipped with world-class equipment, the Ball Play Room provides them with a lively and rich learning environment to have a joyous time while also developing their life skills and team building in a play-way method.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a very powerful activity aimed at the development of the body, mind and spirit. Besides improving physical stamina, power and coordination, it also goes a long way in developing focus, concentration, willpower, cognitive skills, decision making abilities and problem-solving skills. Designed in a safe and scientific manner, this area caters for age-appropriate activities for the young kids while also encouraging them to raise the bar higher and higher

Sand Play

Sand Play zone is a popular, safe and creative zone. This has been designed to provide opportunities for creative and construction play. Also provides a wonderful platform to develop and fine-tune motor skills and physical movements in the kids. It goes a long way in allowing them freedom to explore and nurture their creativity

Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden has been designed to stimulate, develop bodily senses and enable a child to use all the senses (touch, feel, taste, smell, sight and auditory), while also allowing kids to develop a love for outdoors and physical activities. The sensory garden also helps to develop physical fitness, health, mood and cognitive skills amongst the kids. They also help develop important lifeskills including emotional regulation ad self-reliance.

Snakes & Ladders Corners

The traditional game of Snakes & Ladders remains a popular game across generations. It also helps in developing counting abilities as well as basic addition and subtraction skills. The game also prepares kids to develop abilities to face ups and downs in life and keep moving forward despite the challenges, thereby helping them to be emotionally stable and strong. This corner is an apt example of using traditional methods in a joyous way to enhance the teaching-learning experience.